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Commercial websites

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MD = Material Design

We make websites in Material Design, a design language from Google, which is designed for creating modern and flexible websites and web applications. It is considered one of the most suitable design patterns for creating advanced frontends.

Frontend = what the user sees

The frontend is the part of a website or web application that users normally see and interact with in a browser. That is, the part of the website that attracts the attention of the website visitor and your potential customer, and which should be given maximum attention.

What can we offer for you

Web development

We will create unique, modern and functional websites exactly to your ideas and needs. With a website from us, you will be seen on the Internet.

E-shop creation

Whether you are a small business owner or a larger company, you can rely on us to promote your goods and services. We create functional e-shops that sell.

Modification and acceleration

Do you have a website or e-shop, but you are not satisfied with its results so far? We can modify it, redesign and speed up.

Website management

Don't have a time to devote to your website? Never mind, leave it to us. We can manage, expand and regularly update your website.

Website audit

We will review your current website, analyze it in relation to SEO and suggest ways to improve it.


Do you have any questions regarding web design, website and e-shop creation, their management or security? Do not hesitate to contact us.


Why have a website from us and not from a competitors?

We make websites in Google design

We are the web design studio that makes websites in Google design. We build the front-end part of the website or e-shop on Material Design, a design standard that Google has implemented in a whole range of its web and mobile products in order to provide a consistent environment on all platforms and applications.

We use smart components

Smart components are building blocks from which advanced websites and web applications can be built. We use our own smart components that are developed on top of the MDBootstrap frontend framework. The components are fully responsive, enriched with effects and animations and connected to the backend part of the website or web application.

We are extremely flexible

Our team consists of programmers and designers. Unlike freelancers who are able to build websites usually only on template solutions, we are developers who work with websites and web applications at the source code level, which gives us more options in what we are able to offer the customer.

The price of professional website starts at

230 USD

Unbeatable price

We are a startup and we do not feed :-) a large company with many employees and high costs. That is why we are able to offer a price that our competition truly cannot reach. Our main goal is to have satisfied customers with whom we will cooperate for a long time and grow together.

Chat and real time communication

Whether you need a simple website, a blog or an e-shop, communicating with your website visitors or your potential customers in real time is something you should not underestimate. Quality chat is part of every solution we offer.

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Media galleries and streaming

Processing and editing your media files (photos, audio, video) or creating a professional gallery is a matter of course for us. We can also deal with streaming content from your website, or with live video chat.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If your website or e-shop is to be successful, it must be seen. It needs to be easy for your customers to access. So-called search engine optimization (SEO) is used for this. Each of our solutions includes an SEO analysis tailored to your needs. SEO is a long-term process of tuning and optimizing website content and source code.